23 Sep 2007

Here comes the rain again...

The rain is battering on the window, but there is a beautiful rainbow on the loch. Run to get the camera before it fades and just catch it as the clouds rush by and the arc of the rainbow shrinks to a coloured band above the sea.

It's been a wet September and I need some sun. Only good thing is, it's made everyone cold and hungry for comfort food, so the Skye Fudge kitchen has been busy keeping all its customers happy.

14 Sep 2007

Let the wind blow

There are three turbines aligning Ben Aketil, and they look quite beautiful. I never thought I'd say that, but they really do. The developers have offered our local community an opportunity to own a stake in renewable energy from the site through a co-operative called Isle of Skye Renewables.

Everyone benefits when the local community is given a stake in its future. In this case, it is a future that needs our urgent attention. Energy is something that my generation has tended to take for granted. We switch on a light, we turn on the television, but it’s not so long ago that our grandparents considered these simple tasks a luxury. By getting more of our energy from renewable sources, we will be granting our children a more sustainable future.

9 Sep 2007

The sea is sparkling

From the window of the Skye Fudge kitchen, the sea is sparkling. Need to take a walk down to the shore to enjoy the last hours of the day. Through the gate, my legs brushing against the damp rushes, the dog so excited that he's nearly knocking me over as he zig-zags down the hill to the rocky shore.

And at last, peace and quiet, bar the distant cries of the gulls. The very bearable lightness of being - the simple pleasure of feeling the last warmth of the sun on my face, eyes closed, listening to the gentle trickling rhythm of the incoming tide.

Bossy Boots

The Skye Fudge kitchen is quiet today but, throughout July and August, it's usually a hive of activity with lots of comings and goings.

I have the help of four amazing friends; Chirsty, Leona, Barbara and Sheila who cook, stir, pour, pack, stick labels on everything and generally keep me sane. One of them bought me a Jamie Oliver 'Bossy Boots' mug.
Hmmm....they're still amazing though.

3 Sep 2007

I love the day job too

I work in a busy press and public relations team, which is probably the best job that I could ever have hoped for. I'm just not sure why it took me so long to get there, but that's life.

My day? I write press releases, commission photographs, answer media enquiries and encourage journalists to visit the Highlands and Islands. You might think there's not much to do here, but there's a lot going on if you know where to look...

2 Sep 2007


Might live on an island, but it's certainly not isolated thanks to Skype. Had a three-way chat for first time in 20 years with old pals, Maureen and Pam, in Paisley and Melbourne.

Fudging it this morning, so didn't have long to talk. The sun is out, the breeze smells of the sea and the washing is dancing on the line. Need to go cut twelve trays of yummy scrummy
Isle of Skye Fudge before they set too hard.

1 Sep 2007

Fudging it for starters

I make a delicious kind of Scottish fudge, called tablet, on the stunning Isle of Skye. The island is situated off the west coast of Scotland, and I've lived here for over 30 years.

Isle of Skye Fudge Company started up five years ago when I was working on local food projects and saw a gap in the market. What started as a part time business has grown way beyond my original intention to 'just supply the chocolate shop'.