9 Sep 2007

Bossy Boots

The Skye Fudge kitchen is quiet today but, throughout July and August, it's usually a hive of activity with lots of comings and goings.

I have the help of four amazing friends; Chirsty, Leona, Barbara and Sheila who cook, stir, pour, pack, stick labels on everything and generally keep me sane. One of them bought me a Jamie Oliver 'Bossy Boots' mug.
Hmmm....they're still amazing though.


Anonymous said...

I work with Carol and have bought some of her fudge for my friends and family - we didn't realise how talented she is. It really is beautiful fudge - only problem is that one bit is just not enough!

Great taste, over the sea from Skye said...

Thank you, anonymous. See you Tuesday, whoever you may be!