23 Oct 2007

What a busy week

Left for Inverness at 7am, team meeting, pick up some work for the week ahead, shop before coming home, back late, unload car, pour glass of wine, check emails, reply to new enquiry for Skye Fudge, start this blog, working from home tomorrow, Skye's Local Food Awards on Thursday, Mairi's wedding on Friday and an open day at the Ben Aketil windfarm on Saturday.

Needless to say, reading the papers with lots of hot-buttered toast, scrambled eggs and a large mug of tea is my priority for Sunday!

22 Oct 2007

All for Mairi's wedding

Mairi gets married on Friday and the busy press office will no doubt be a quieter place than usual, because we're all going. She has chosen Isle of Skye Fudge for her wedding favours, and very honoured I was to be asked.

Mairi hails from Stornoway and Keith from Orkney, so there should be plenty of good music, excellent craic and maybe a wee strip-the-willow or two, all for Mairi's wedding!

15 Oct 2007

The rain in Spain fell...lots

Five days of beautiful sunshine, white sandy coves, turquoise sea, searching out church spires (to find the old village centres), tapas bars and sheltered harbours. Two days of torrential rain, with 24 hours of thunder and lightning, added a touch of excitement which soon turned to anxiety, as we slowly negotiated our way back through the flooded streets to Pension Fornat.

Rivers of mud washed away bridges, damaged houses and two people lost their lives thanks to over-developed hillsides, deforestation and the removal of terraced landscapes. It made us realise how the rain back home, it all its many forms - drizzly, misty, stoating or pelting - has gouged its own familiar path from the mountains down to the sea.

5 Oct 2007

We're off to sunny Spain

Well, the rain got to us in the end, so we are off to sunny Spain for a week. I know - it means our carbon footprint has taken a turn for the worse - but we recycle everything that we can at Isle of Skye Fudge Company and have a cracking compost heap on the go from our household waste.

Have left my trusty colleagues in charge of the show, so if you are desparate for the great taste of Skye Fudge send us an email or, if on Skye, call at Vanilla Skye, Dunvegan Castle restaurant or Eilean Donan Castle shop and munch away to your heart's content!