28 Oct 2009

Skye Fudge gets thumbs up from Albert Roux

Was fortunate to be invited to attend the Williamsons Highlands and Islands Food and Drink Awards 2009, to meet and greet Richard Lochhead - Minister for Food, Rural Affairs and the Environment. Along with the enterprising Williamson family, whose family business started as a fruiterers and has now grown into the Highlands biggest local wholesaler, I also shared the table Albert Roux, OBE and MaƮtre Cuisinier de France.

World-class chef Mr Roux opened his first Scottish restaurant, Chez Roux at Rocpool Reserve, in Inverness earlier this year. With Skye Fudge on the menu for an after dinner accompaniment for coffee, I was somewhat nervous to be there as it was served, and was highly relieved to get a thumbs up across the table from the delightful and charming Mr Roux.

31 Aug 2009

Skye Food Trek

Decided that with the new kitchen, I couldn't let Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight go by without taking part. My friend and ex-colleague, Fiona Richmond, who was Slow Food's first and best director in the UK, is now working for Scotland Food and Drink, so I couldn't let her down either!

Sent an email round Taste Local members, and just some of our many Local Food Heroes have got together to open their gates, to share their great passion for delicious tasting locally produced food and drink. Set up a quick website, www.skyefoodtrek.co.uk, where you'll find our events, so be sure to let me know if you're dropping in for a sample of Skye Fudge!

17 Jul 2009

New views from the kitchen

The view from the new Skye Fudge kitchen is different and, if anything it's better, as we can see right across the loch now. At this time of year the garden is at its best. Peruvian lilies, yellow loosestrife and fragrant rosa rugosa hedging are in abundance; the garden is awash with colour.

The sunsets have been spectacular this summer, especially when there are a few clouds floating about above MacLeods Tables, spreading crimson streaks across the sky. It's at times like these, that we islanders swear there is nowhere else we'd rather be, and the dark dreich days of winter seem far away.


Had an opening ceremony with a delicious cake baked by Leona and some yummy fudge made by Chirsty, and eaten by the rest of us - Glenys, Sarah and myself. Everyone is here part-time, and I am incredibly lucky to be surrounded by not only the best team imaginable, but some great friends too.

We're enjoying the chance to get together more often, because there's room for more than one of us at the same time. And apart from the none too serious 'Radio Wars' (One v Two v Four v Radio Scotland), it's just great!

22 Jun 2009

New home for Skye Fudge

Well, it had to happen eventually - Skye Fudge has outgrown the house and has moved out to an old converted stone byre in the garden.

Still overlook
ing the sea, the new kitchen is brilliant. We have so much space and instead of three different workspaces for cooking, packing and paperwork, it all happens in the one location. It's been a very busy season to date, so thank goodness we decided to go for it!

21 Feb 2009

It's been a while

A new year and only just got round to thinking about blogging 2009. January was a great month - very cold but beautiful clear blue sky days with snow on the Cuillin and frozen lochs - much like the winters when we first moved to the island in 1976.

Last week our youngest son Niall, took part in the Scottish Rallying Championships. His first ever race, he was seeded at 126 out of 132. Driving a Vauxhall Nova, he came in 45th, winning second in class which made for a great day out. Never been to a cross country rally before, and I surprised myself by how much I enjoyed it, apart from the ice-locked toes.