8 May 2011

Being part of better

First ever time on the campaign trail...knocking on doors, answering questions and sharing a passionate belief in a better future for Scotland. A wet and windy Portree left me drookit, followed by an enjoyable afternoon in Dunvegan leafleting with Cllr. Renwick and Dave Thompson MSP, then a hilly circuit of Kyle of Lochalsh (that showed me how unfit I was!), and finally, a sunny evening before election day on my own homeground of Harlosh, Feorlig, Balmeanach, Caroy and Ose.

Spent polling day as an observer going around the villlage hall voting stations, collapsing exhausted but exhilirated, into bed at midnight. Woken up at three, with a call from my sons and friend needing a taxi home. The only thing that saved them from a bollocking were the amazing, historic election results filtering through on the car radio, and changing the map of Scotland to a gorse bloomed landscape. Never in my wildest dreams did I dare to imagine such a turnaround, from minority government to overall majority, with a referendum firmly on the agenda at last. But in my heart, I should have known that all we needed was a voice, and the people have spoken.


Music & Lyrics by Dougie MacLean.

For too long we’ve heard them laughing at our dreams
Ridicule our reasons and blind ignoring what it means
For too long we have believed the walls they made
But now we see a shining light and we are not afraid.

When the people speak it’s not with corporate lies
It’s not with indecision, no, or academic bows and ties
When the people speak it thunders through these hills
It’s not a thing that’s mild and meek,
when the people speak.

There’s a fear that’s made to keep us in our place
Pacify our anger and justify our fool disgrace
There’s a fear made to destroy and to degrade
But now we see a shining light and we are not afraid.

Published by Limetree Arts and Music.

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