15 May 2011

Isle of Skye Chocolate

Gosh, hard to believe over a year has gone by without updating my blog! So much has happened, mainly taking over local chocolate company, Vanilla Skye, and rebranding as Isle of Skye Chocolate at the end of 2009. It was a classic case of 'just because you know one business inside out, doesn't mean you will know another'. And, even with my background in local food, marketing and economic development, it was a big leap of faith and a steep learning curve.

o many things to consider...how to temper chocolate, devising new recipes with a local/Scottish theme, ingredients lists (for twelve yummy chocolates), design labels, build new website, work out shelf life and tasting (that was at least a bonus!). So, we decided on sea-salted caramel in rich milk chocolate (my personal favourite), Scottish honey & toasted oatmeal in a smooth silky white chocolate, raspberry & balsamic in intense 70% dark chocolate, and nine more sublime tasting chocolates to tempt the taste buds.

Now up and running, the website
www.chocolateskye.co.uk is taking online orders - hope to see you there to find out what else is in the box!

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