14 Aug 2011

BBC Radio 4 Food Programme

Was delighted and chuffed to meet one my food heroes, Sheila Dillon, of Radio Four's iconic Food Programme. Lucky that Sheila, and producer Maggie Ayres, arrived on one of those idyllic, fresh but balmy days that only these Atlantic facing islands can muster.

The focus was on the Scottish Government's first ever National Food Policy, and how it had translated into action on the ground. Changing Scotland's diet is still a challenge, but the changes in government thinking have been enlightening to say the least. Scotland's food reputation is, to me, one of the key elements in changing our food culture. 

Five a day has its place, but I'm not sure it's all that inspiring. Better to take chilren to the seashore, and collect some mussels then cook them over a beach campfire; organise a school trip to a working farm and collect some freshly laid eggs; grow tomatoes on the window sill and smell the ripeness before biting into their sweet, bursting juiciness. Then, perhaps, allow yourself a treat of traditional handmade Scottish tablet from Isle of Skye Fudge!

Listen again at Radio Four Food Programme