11 Feb 2013

Chocolate Hearts for Valentines

It's still a busy time for us at Skye Fudge as everyone loves chocolates at this time of year!

Isle of Skye Chocolate, the other side of the business, has been making Valentine's Day boxed truffles for all true romantics amongst us.

We've been making red hot chilli hearts - solid deep dark velvety chocolate infused with chilli oil. And, romantic red raspberry with balsamic truffles - white chocolate folded into double cream, dipped in 70% dark chocolate and topped with freeze dried raspberries.  

But, for the serious chocoholic we decided to get creative with three hearts full of solid chocolate heaven. We made a large chocolate heart in intense dark chocolate, overlaid with  a white chocolate heart sprinkled with freeze dried raspberries, and finished with a solid milk chocolate heart. All wrapped in gold and red hearts cello, and ribboned with burgundy voile ribbon. Sure to win hearts.